Transcribe Audio English Pt2


I have some audio recordings that were made during a workshop that I taught in Moscow. I would like to have these recordings transcribed (typed out) in English text. In the recordings the participants are often talking in Russian, while a translator translates their responses for me into English. But, because the translator often talks softly to me, some of the text that participants speak in Russian, will need to be translated from Russian into English.

So for this transcription project I am looking for somebody who speaks both English and Russian. The transcription needs to be fairly correct grammatical English, but it doesn’t need to be perfect, since I will probably rework it anyway. I will probably add some more of these projects later on, but I will offer each audio recording as a separate project.

Title of this project: contract frame
Audio file: see attachment
To be transcribed: from minute 2:00 to minute 9:00

Escrow no problem.
Please state your country of residence.

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