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I have some audio recordings that were made during a workshop that I taught in Moscow. I would like to have these recordings transcribed (typed out) in English text. In the recordings the participants are often talking in Russian, while a translator translates their responses for me into English. But, because a translator often talks softly to me, some of the text that participants speak in Russian, will need to be translated from Russian into English. So for this transcription project I am looking for somebody who speaks both English and Russian. The transcription needs to be fairly correct grammatical English, but it doesn’t need to be perfect, since I will probably rework it anyway. I will probably add some more of these projects later on, but I will offer each audio recording as a separate project.

Title of this project: complosion
Audio file: see attachment
To be translated: from minute 1:00 to minute 15:00

Escrow no problem.
Please state your country of residence.

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