Creative Content Writer Needed

A dynamic US based firm is looking to hire a writer/blogger for our Social Network Marketing company. Social Networking is the wave of the future in marketing. We are looking for a talented and creative web-savvy writer who can ride this wave with us into the future. We are based in San Ramon, California, but we also have offices in Toronto, Canada and Manila.

We want to know your thoughts and writing style. There are (4) Four topics that you can choose to write about. There is no limit to how much you can write. Multiple blog submissions are OK as well.

Choose (1) one of the following topics/keywords below to write about:

*Social Media
*Word of Mouth Marketing
*Social Networking
*Marketing Strategies

With your topic/keywords chosen, now use that to write (1) one blog about the following:

*How you think Social Networking is the wave of the future for Marketing, and what strengths or skills you possess can help you become a member of Socialbuzzin.

*What strategy or other means would you employ to channel traffic to our site and create “buzz” about our services?

*Give us a background about yourself, and tell us how you would fit in into our company’s mantra of, “making word of mouth marketing viral”.

We also have a contest! If you submit a blog that we think is the best, you will have a FT job offer + a $200 USD bonus.

Contest closes on June 1st 2010, and the winner will be announced on June 2nd 2010.

Disclaimer: and its management reserves the right to alter or change the contest prize or incentive to that of equivalent value as such at any point in time, with or without prior notice to all.

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