Writer Req To Use Spinner 2

We are looking for a Writer that has a very good command of the English Language to spin articles using a very good article spinning software.

If you do not have an excellent command of written English then please DO NOT bid on this project.

The reason excellent written English skills is required is because you will need to choose, insert, change or replace multiple synonyms in multiple sentences and paragraphs in order to make a new version of the article at least 50% to 60% unique. However, when choosing, inserting, changing or replacing multiple synonyms in a sentence the sentence MUST still mean basically the same thing and even more importantly MUST make sense every time the sentence and/or paragraph is spun.

This article spinning software will also allow you to select words in an article which you do not want to spin. This feature is handy where we do not want to spin our keywords in an article.

Many writers where English is not their first language may write in a form of pigeon English or write English where they miss words or use words in inappropriate places. Such writers will not be able to get the best use out of this spinning software and in fact the software will magnify the fact that the user has poor English writing skills because their bad use of words and incorrect use of synonyms will be multiplied and magnified throughout the article when the article is spun.

To spin a 500 word article properly using this software will require about 20 – 40 minutes of your time to change, replace, insert and/or choose enough synonyms to make a 500 word article 50% to 60% unique. Once you have gone through the whole 500 word article you must then do 1 test spin. You will then copy that first spin result into a Word doc and carefully read through the article you just spun to see if there are any words or synonyms that you may have used that do not make sense, if so you can go back and change that particular part.

Once you are satisfied with this test spin you can ask the article spinner software to generate multiple variations of the article and it will do so within seconds at the click of a button. It is important that you use the Article Spinner software to spin the article and you do not rewrite the article manually because we will require many dozens of rewrites of the same article which you will find virtually impossible to do manually.

We will need you to spin 10 articles using this software and we will pay $3 to $5 per article. PLEASE NOTE that this does NOT mean $3 – $5 for each of the 100 versions that OUR article spinner will do for you automatically when you click a couple of buttons afterwards! Therefore we will pay $30 – $50 to spin the 10 articles and all articles MUST be at least 50% to 60% unique. The Spinner software will do the rest once you edit the first original.

If we award you the project we will ask you to do 1 test article spin. If this is well done you can go ahead with the project BUT if it is rubbish then you MUST cancel the project and return our money in your escrow account. We will then give the job to another freelancer. If you do not agree with this then please DO NOT bid on this project!

If we are happy with the work you have done then we will provide you with regular work on a monthly and maybe even a weekly basis over the long term.

Please look at the video at the top of this sales page to see this Article Spinner software in action. Visit: http://www.thebestspinner.com

You can also look at another person demonstrating the Article Spinner again in the Youtube video located here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dct5y0ujxRg&feature=related

Please leave PM if you are still interested.

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