Seo Website Content With Links

Seo Website Content With Links
We have a project to develop some SEO content for our website plus some links.


Frameless Shower
Frameless Showers
Frameless Shower Door
Frameless Shower Enclosure
Frameless Shower Glass
Frameless Shower Enclosures
Frameless Shower Screen
Frameless Shower Screens
Frameless glass Shower doors
Showers Frameless

1. Content:
Two pages for each keyword. You should submit:
SEO friendly and clear HTML for the main body which includes links to other pages – no images, tables, etc required, we will incorporate it into our HTML structure

2. Links
2xPR2+ links for each keyword

3. Ongoing contract to add the following each month:
a) Additional page for each keyword
b) Additional 2xPR2+ links for each keyword.

Content details

A) Two pages will be required to be written for each keyword.

B) Each page will have the following title:

<Key word> + ‘buy online’
‘Bespoke’ + <Key word>

E.g. :

Frameless Shower buy online
Bespoke Frameless Shower

The following must be written and optimized for SEO for the keyword on each page:

C) Each page will have the URL the same as the tile but with underscores



D) The following should be written appropriately SEO targeted for the keyword for each page:
META Description
META Keyword

E) The Main content should be a minimum of 500 words for each page. This should have appropriately written SEO content with the correct number occurrences of the keyword and other supporting keywords – you should do some basic research on this.

F) Internal links content
In addition to the above content, each page should have three paragraphs which link to the pages of the three keywords listed below it in the above list. This should be distributed WITHIN the Main content.

For example:

should have three paragraphs linking to these pages:


The paragraph content should be different on the buy_online and bespoke pages.

G) Each page should be run through an WebCEO ( ‘Optimize pages’ tool and the output provided back to me with the accompanying details. This analysis should show no issues/warnings from WebCEO.

Please note that you are NOT expected to provide full HTML pages just the details as shown above. Please see the example of what we would expect from you.

– PR2 or above

– Any where the link is lost or falls below PR2 with 12 months must be replaced FOC

Links must be targeted. I define targeted as this:
– The page must have ANY of the following:
– contains the page indexed on page within the first 100 links for the keyword listed above
– META Description contains maximum of 50 words and contains one of the words listed below
– META Keyword contains maximum of 20 words and contains one of the words listed below
– Tile contains maximum of 20 words and contains one of the words listed below

Relavent words:
Any of the keywords above plus:

All the usual quality requirements for link rules required:
– Max of 30 out bound links
– Separate C range
– No nofollows, etc
– etc – I dont need to list them all, you know what they are

Please submit the following:

Bid for the initial work
Month bid for the ongoing work

We also have 10 other sites that would require similar if you do a good job.


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