Trascribe A Recorded Interview

A small, poverty-stricken web magazine needs a recorded interview transcribed. If you can quickly, precisely and thoroughly transcribe a recorded interview, of about 2.5 hours, in two or three days, please bid.

English as your first language is required. You must have an awareness of prime time television shows, in Canada and the USA, over the past 40 years. Otherwise, you’ll misunderstand many of the pop cultural references.

Recording quality is good to excellent. The interviewee is male, with a mild Westchester qua New Rochelle qua New York City accent. He speaks clearly, but a little fast. If you’re 35+, you may find his entertainment-related stories interesting; there are some stories behind the stories.

We pay a fair wage, but our budget is not large. We exist on donations; we don’t accept advertising. There are many costs involved in preparing this exclusive interview; transcription is only one of those costs.

Interview format is MP3. You’ll receive the recording via the web. A precise and thorough transcription is expected.

Include, with your bid, a fair estimate of the time for completion, of the project, but not more than 3 or 4 days.

Project payment escrowed before we send you the recorded interview. Serious bids only. Convince us you can do the job, want to do it and will complete it. Why should we select you?

All questions about the project answered, promptly.

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