Audio Transcription (17 Mins)


If you have a good review on here and good experience with transcriptions ONLY, reply to this message!

I’ve got 2 quick and easy projects for you and I need one in the next 5 hours and the other in 24 hours. The one for today is 17 minutes long. The one for tomorrow is 43 minutes long and both include unusual accents so I would estimate a comfortable 2-3 hour timeline for the 17 minute file and a good 5-8 hours for the 43 minute file which is due tomorrow anyway. If your work on the 17 minute file is done accurately, I will also give you the next task (43 minute file). Please note that this is an ongoing recurring offer as I have quite a number of requests from local editors to transcribe their files and it’s just too much work now so I need to get some regular help from someone well experienced with accents and pronunciation and linguistics as most of the interviews are conducted in the Middle East region in Dubai, U.A.E. so they involve a cultural mixed group of individuals.

Audio files will need to be transcribed into a word .doc – files will either be forwarded by email or download link sent.

You will need to complete the 1st project in the next 5 hours or else
please DO NOT bid on this project.

Looking forward to working with you and payment will be made right away through Scriptlance once file is received.

Please reply with the word “madhatter” either in your headline
or somewhere in your Message, that will help me out.


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