White Paper – Investment Topic

White Paper – Investment Topic

Looking for a well written 4 to 5 page paper. US english. Topic – The difference between Investment Reporting and Finincial Reporting for Family Offices.

Family Offices are usually private companies started by very wealthy individuals who have either sold a company they started, or are 2nd or 3rd generation of a wealthy family. “Wealthy” defined as being $100 million dollars and up net worth.

A Family Office is made up of accounting and investment professionals who help keep track of the family’s investments. The accounting individuals usually are responsible for producing reporting for Investment managers in the office that focus on holdings, taxlots, transactions.

The Investment Managers are responsible for producing investment reports that show the family the value and returns of the investments and partnerships.

There are also Financial Statements that show the operating income and expenses of running the Family Office.

The White Paper is geared to an audience of banking managers and software managers that sell products and services to the Family Office market.

The paper will describe the difference of reporting needs for accountants in the family office versus the types of reporting needs for the investment managers and family members.

In other words;
1. Financial Reporting – Holdings, Transactions, Income and Expense of managing the investments

2. Investment Reporting – Rates of Return, Asset Allocation, Performance reporting.

3. Financial Statement Reporting – Balance Sheet and Income statements of running the Family Office.

Timeframe for delivery 7-10 days. Would like an outline before paper is written to confirm it is on track.

Please provide link to written samples. Will favor writer who has written on finance and investments in the past and has samples.

Any questions – please contact.

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