Need 15 Articles On Hypnosis

Need 15 Articles On Hypnosis

I am looking for 15 500-700 word articles onthe subject of hypnosis. All articles must be original and copyscape verified.

Successful winner will have experience in article writing, a NATIVE English speaker/writer and be excellent with spelling and grammar.

Upon complettion of payment, all articles in their entirety become my property and all rights (without exception) are transferred to me.

By bidding, you agree to the terms of the project details.

Article topics include:

3 articles – 3 part series on history of hypnosis – include uses of hypnosis throughout history, great men of hypnosis and people who have contributed to hypnosis
1 articles – Benefits of Hypnosis
1 article – How hypnosis can help you lose weight
1 article – How hypnosis can help you stop smoking
1 articles – Current advances in hypnosis research – with examples of latest university/clinical uses/research of hypnosis
1 article – Using hypnosis for sports enhancement
1 article – Difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy
1 article – Physical changes that occur to the body in hypnosis
1 article – How to find a qualified hypnotist – focus on certification, experience, etc.
2 articles – Differences between hypnosis and meditation – compare differences and similiarities
1 article – How to hypnotize yourself
1 article – History of hypnotist Dave Elman

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