Efax Like Document Upload

Efax Like Document Upload
This project is for drivers for Windows and Mac operating systems that work in the way that eFax does, like a printer driver. Just the documents upload process for eFax.

The way eFax works:
1) You are writing a page of text, or looking at any file, or a web page…
2) You go to your Print menu and select ”Fax with eFax Messenger”, instead of selecting a printer…
3) the page you are printing will be converted to a .pdf file (if it is not a .pdf already) and stored somewhere on your computer.
4) A dialog opens and allows the user to put in addressing information and a cover letter.
5) the .pdf and the cover information are uploaded to the eFax server for processing.

I want almost exactly the same process;
The user goes to the print menu and selects “TBD” from the Print menu to convert whatever document they are browsing to a .pdf and upload it to the server with their cover letter/instructions.

I need an install package for Windows and Mac.

The .PDFs and their covers will be stored on my server in directories organized just by date. A new directory is created each day, month, and year.
This is the first phase of a multi-phase project and ongoing support requirement that we will be looking to fill.

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