Write 40 Articles – 40dols 2

Write 40 Articles – 40dols 2
This is a sample project to evaluate your skills. I will give you 20 domain names, and I need you to write or “spin” two articles for each using long tail key phrases as titles (that YOU CHOOSE based upon the words in the domain).

I typically pay one dollar per article for this.

The 20 websites are parked keyword oriented domains, and on each one, I need you to:

1. RESEARCH: Use WordTracker or KeywordIndex and type in the domain words, and find two longtail phrases (with one or two more words) that are highly searched but do NOT have a lot of articles on the subject. For instance, if the domain is icecream.com, you might write articles on “vanilla ice cream” and “ice cream sandwich.”

2. WRITE: Write two 100% original grammatically correct articles, 500 words each. If you “spin” existing content, you must use as a source your own works or non-copyrighted material, and the final article MUST make sense.

3. UPLOAD: Upload the two keyword articles as TEXT ONLY (no formatting) to my parking service, using the keyphrase the title and bold the use of the target key phrase and TWICE inside the article.

All bids are private. Your articles MUST be grammatically correct and pass copyscape.com (We will test/review before final payment).

I have several hundred domains and intend to hire more than one person for this. If your content is good, there is a lot more work here. If you prove that in the keyword research phase, you can find phrases that are high CPC and rankable, I am willing to pay more for your skills on future projects.

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