Adult Blog Posts / Writing

Adult Blog Posts / Writing
I’ve got scriptlance freelancer account and i’ll be placing and releasing funds as you progress with project. First part after 10 posts/first day. You need to be at age of 18 or more years (if required in your residance’s place). If you may feel offended by explict materials you shouldn’t apply for this project.

The project is about writing around 200 words posts in which around 10 words would be keywords provided by me. You will not write advertisements etc. solo description for content (maybe how do you feel about it? ;D probably to do this you good you would even need to like p0rn.

The job is rather simple (i am able to produce 10 posts within 30 minutes, but it may take you few minutes more). You can write introductions and a little bit off-topic because in the end not so many people read it anyway. You cannot write cra* (withouht sense) – description needs to be adequate to content so this is not a job that could be done by spinning.

For a right person this job can be continous and in growing amounts so give me a good price. I would need delivery at rate of 10 posts each day (excluding weekends).

Please quote for 100 posts and let me know via pmb, use p0rn somewhere within your message to let me know that your bid is right an you’are at legal age. If your bid is good I will send you url to one gallery for example of a post you are able to write.

I’ll just mention that niches and materials covered in this job does not include extreme fetishes – only solo girls, girl/girl and probably some hardcore as well so if you are able to write few sentences on nice girls and her breasts this can be a job for you. If you are looking for extra method to earn for your holidays and you are cool with erotic then it is a dream job. Only nice girls ;]

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