Writing 50 Paragraphs 100 Word

Writing 50 Paragraphs 100 Word
I need 50 short paragraphs written. Each paragraph must be a minimum of at least 100 words in length. It can be as long as long as you want beyond the 100 words minimum. I will provide the 2 topics with 6 keywords that each of the paragraphs should be roughly about. Each topic will have one main keyword and 5 secondary keywords.

The main keyword for the topic will need 20 different paragraphs written for it and each of the 5 secondary keywords will each need 5 paragraphs written for it.

The paragraphs can be generic but need to be roughly about the topic, and MUST include the topic keyword provided and must make sense. I am not looking for experts on the topics here, just someone with good English and who can write acceptable English language paragraphs.

The paragraphs must be unique. I will not pay for nor accept paragraphs copied from somewhere else. I will confirm this using copyscape.com, articlecon.com and my own software. So if you feel that you can not write paragraphs in English that are original, please do not bid. I do not mind if the paragraphs have been rewritten from another source.


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