Writers Needed For New Forum

Writers Needed For New Forum
We are launching a new forum software program. Looking for writers to create multiple user IDs, and submit postings on the forum message board.

The website is an inspirational website. Looking to inspire people, and to motivate people.

Topics would topics such as:
a. how to be an effective leader
b. how to motivate others during tough times
c. how to have more self confidence
d. how to be assertive with nasty people
e. how to sell your ideas to other people
f. how to achieve your goals and ambitions
g. effective strategies for goal setting
h. how to forgive other people

Looking for writers who will create multiple accounts and post messages to the board. The purpose in hiring you is to get the board off and running. By making the board look like it is already an active board, we will be able to entice others to participate and get involved with forum discussions.

Some user might write in and say they are having a tough time at work, and they want to know some ways they can stay motivate.

Someone else might write in and say they want to move up the ladder in their career, and they want some ideas on how to behave in a way that their coworkers see them as a potential leader.

Someone else might write in and say they have a lot of good ideas at work, but they feel shy about speaking up and sharing their good ideas.

When bidding, perhaps mention the number of posts and messages and users you can create; and in how much time you’ll need.

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