Wari Game Test Case Written

Wari Game Test Case Written
I need a Test case report written for a university coursework. It’s simple Wari Game written in Java. I will supply you the game code and the program. All you have to do is Just write the test cases accroding to the follwoing instruction.

There is no need to produce code for doing the testing, you can just report your testing results in your documentation.

You will still need to list the test cases you used. For each test case, you should give:

•The aim of the test
•An indication of whether the test case was a black-box test case, or whether you were trying to test some specific aspect of your program (which aspect?) with a white-box test case.
•The data you used (i.e. which maze?)
•What operation(s) did you performing to carry out the test? (i.e. was it a “solvability” test, or something else?)
•The expected result that you should get for that particular maze
•The actual result from your program for the test case, and note whether your program gives the correct result or not.
Testing marks will be given for good test case choices, including variety and thoroughness of testing.

Note: if for some reason your program doesn’t give the expected result when you carry out a test, then you must make it clear that your program fails this test case. This is very important: if you do not mention a failing in your program then you lose marks TWICE – for getting the code wrong and for poor testing.

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