Write About Carpet Repair 2

Write About Carpet Repair 2
Research on the web and then write 1000 word articles on the following subjects paying special attention to using the keywords below (and using proper English):

1) Carpet Repair
2) How to patch a carpet
3) How to stretch a carpet
4) How to repair a seam in a carpet
5) How to repair a Berber carpet
6) How to install carpet.

Please submit a sample of your writing for my review. Thank you and good luck, Steve

Keywords for the project are:
carpet repair
carpet repairs
repair carpet
carpet stretch
stretch carpet
stretching carpet
carpet wrinkles
carpet ripples
loose carpet
stretch loose carpet
how to stretch carpet
patch carpet
carpet patch
carpet patches
how to patch carpet
fix carpet
how to fix carpet
carpet burn
carpet burns
burn in a carpet
how to repair a burn in a carpet
Berber carpet patch
Run in a berber carpet
repair Berber Carpet
Fix Berber Carpet
Carpet to tile transition
Carpet to tile transitions
Carpet to floor transition
Carpet to floor transitions
tack carpet
tack down carpet
cut carpet
remove carpet
carpet padding
carpet pad.

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