C++ Program

C++ Program
Need this in Visual Studio 2005

Need this completed by Sunday


Program Title: Your first OOP design
For the last six weeks we have been discussing object oriented features and concepts and have been writing code to support this. We have talked about inheritance, composition and overloading. So far all the labs have been extensions of scenarios we have been discussing in the lectures and in the text. We also talked about how to recognize objects and how to go about designing our applications so that they would provide an efficient way to model the problem under consideration. This week’s lab will provide you all with a chance to prove how well these concepts have been mastered. You will be asked to provide a scenario which contains one base class, a child class (inheritance), a composite object within either the base or the derived class, at least one virtual function, at least one pure virtual function, and at least one overloaded function (polymorphism). In addition, your scenario should include at least one example of pointers and dynamic memory allocation, which was covered this week. The scenario will be of your choosing and may draw similarities from the examples we have covered so far but apart from that it should be of your own design (you may do internet research and read other texts to come up with your choice). Also try to make the code very simple as the emphasis is on trying to build a good object oriented program and prove that we understand the basics of its main features.
STEP 1: Create a New Project

Create a new project which consists of at least two classes: a base class and a derived class. The code of your project should include
• a composite object
• an example of inheritance
• at least one virtual and at least one pure virtual function
• at least one overloaded function
• at least one example of pointers as covered this week in class
• at least one example of dynamic memory allocation as covered this week in class
STEP 2: Construct Main Method

Construct the main method so that it will test each and every member function of the parent and the child classes.

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