Xml Document

Xml Document
Questions to answer

There are some questions (Need knowledge in XML, XSL, DTD, HTML, ASP) i want someone to answer them and document them. Must finish within a week.

These are the key points of those questions; I will provide full information after accepting the bid.

1. Examine XML document with Sudoku Problem (will provide later), write the DTD associated with the XML document.
2. Using XSL/T write some templates that will extract the appropriate data from the XML document (will provide later).
3. Examine the DTD listing, write a well-formed and valid XML document (will explained more later)
4. . In an essay describe the differences between the
5. Describe the differences between the XML of the new entity? (will explain more in detail later after accepting the bid)
6. Write some ASP code (Class Diagram for database will be provided)
7. Write some HTML and ASP Code to satisfy the requirements (Class Diagram for database will be provided)

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