Open Source Sports Network

Open Source Sports Network

I’m looking for someone to build an open source sports network very similar to It will, however be specifically for one sport.

-it should function in exactly the same way in that users can log in (also through Facebook) and publish their own stories and reports.

-they should be able to upload photos to accompany their writing or select one from the database provided by an outside supplier just as on the Bleacher Report.

-There should be exactly the same functions whereby users can rate, comment and share articles.

-Authors ratings will allow them to move up and down a top authors list.

-Authors can become featured writers in a similar way.

-Authors will have the ability to reach different levels based on ratings and will gather icons and awards for the best work.

-Authors will have their own profile pages where readers can get info on the author, see pictures, see their latest work.

-The homepage will have an area for featured post, latest posts, most commented posts.

-There should be significant space for advertising banners etc.

-The site should be fully expandable allowing for new features to be added as and when needed. Bleacher Report is built using Ruby On Rails allowing for quick redevelopment and therefore it may be required here.

The Bleacher Report site is merely used as reference. It may be necessary for the site to operate slightly differently and developers should understand that it might not simply be a case of cloning as we want our site to have it’s own identity. Fundamentally however it should operate in exactly the same way.

Please provide links to previous similar work which may be of relevance for this project.

Many thanks.

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