Moderator / Editor Of Articles

Moderator / Editor Of Articles
I am looking for someone that can act as a moderator to approve or decline articles to go live on an article directory site. Article writers/marketers submit their articles, and your job would be to make sure no low-quality/spammy content gets approved.

The site is relatively new but growing, and you would be an important part in making sure the site continues to expand.

The site focuses on high-quality articles, and there set guidelines for articles to be approved/declined. The point is not to have the most content, but instead ensuring only top quality content goes live.

You should have knowledge of SEO, and a keen eye for moderating the good from the bad content. The site is based in Drupal, and would be nice if you have experience with this CMS, but if you’re a fast learner it is not crucial.

There are a backlog of articles that need to be moderated, and right more submitted daily.

If you believe you can be reliable and help me get caught up on the backlog, and also be able to set aside some time daily to moderate articles going forward please submit a bid.

Your bid should be based on the initial project of moderating approximately 1000 articles waiting to be approved/declined.

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