Seo Articles For Forex & Stock

Seo Articles For Forex & Stock
An internet marketing company specializing in SEO (search engine optimization) needs an experienced content writer proficient in the fields of currency / commodities / stocks trading, to write one or more of the following subjects:

1. Keyword targeted pages.
2. Educational content + TOC (Table of Contents).
3. Periodical (daily, weekly, monthly) analysis articles.

(the above list is ordered according to list of importance)

Volume & Compensation
Initial batch will include at least 10 Keyword – Targeted pages with density requirements + TOC for educational content.
The total amount of articles on the first batch is estimated at a conservative 50 articles.

Payment will be made on a per article basis. We offer $15 per article.

Writing Guidelines
1. Adhere to keyword density instructions.
2. Text should contain usage of bullets (ordered / unordered lists) and secondary titles.
3. Length is between 400-600 words per article.
4. The write should aspire to always deliver new knowledge with each new article, especially when discussing keyword-based articles.

Skills & Experience Required
1. Extensive knowledge of trading in these 3 markets: forex, commodities, stocks.
2. Proven 1 year experience in writing financial content.

Working procedures
1. The chosen bidder will receive a list of keyword-targeted articles with density guidelines.
If cooperation is successful, then:
2. We will work out an educational TOC for each market that the writer is qualified to write about (TOC is considered as an article), followed by writing the specific articles for each of the TOC’s entries.
3. Project’s first stage volume is estimated at 40-50 articles.

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