Instructional Designer/writer

Instructional Designer/writer
We need an instructional designer to create several courses and make them interactive so they meet the attached specs and work in moodle.

The courses and length of the course are:

1. 10 hour OSHA Outreach Training for Construction

2. 10 hour OSHA Outreach Training for General Industry

3. 8 hour HAZWOPER refresher

If the work is good, there should be about 3 or 4 more to do and possibly more later on but these are the ones we want for now.

All the content is public domain so we can provide the raw content. We expect you to assemble the content, put in pictures, animations, interactivity as needed to make sure the course meets the requirements in the attachment. You will have to agree to make the necessary changes per the regulator if needed at a later date to make the course compliant. Feel free to just bid on one of the courses if you want.

Some of the guidelines are (see the attachment for the complete list (see the 3rd page which is labeled page 5)):

The online guidelines include the following:

o Testing and reporting test scores for each topic and a final test
o Removal of anyone scoring less than 70% after three tries on any program topic
o Mandatory page views of each content page
o Easy trainer availability built into the system
o Printable online materials for each topic
o The course must be interactive
o Tracking students’ time in the course (including a timing-out mechanism)
o Providing required reports and evaluations

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