Seo Content Link Building

Seo Content Link Building
Content Writing:
Creation of optimization textual content with proportional keyword density (3 to 7%) on the 25 main pages focusing on 2-3 keyword per page.

Meta Data: Key word opti.of Title, Description, and keyword tags for the main 25 pages of our site.

Headers: Keyword Opt. of H1/H2 tags for the 25 pages.

Images: Keyword Opt. of Alternative text applied to all images on the 25 pages.

XML site map. Index of all site pages and submission to Google cache.

Business Directories-Submissions to 100 online directories per week for 6 weeks., inbound links must be from highly ranked websites,and some must be industry related; Tradeshow and large format printing.
All links must be Do follow. No follow is not allowed.

Social Bookmarking-50 bookmarks created in social media sites per week(eg. 50 inbound links to site over 6 weeks.

Articles. 1 keyword Opt. article about our product/service to be written and submitted 100 article directories per month for 6 months
(eg. inbound links to our site over the 6 months.

You can bid on part of or all of the above.

Kind regards.

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