Rewrite 30 Weightloss Articles

Rewrite 30 Weightloss Articles
I need someone to re-write 30 weight loss articles for me.

Go to: and on the left side under Diet Pills Reviews, I will tell you which 30 articles you will have to re-write. Basically those are articles about diet pills, so I need someone who has experience writing about this subject.

New articles must be at least 40% unique than originals. Each article should be about 500 words.

Your articles will be of excellent English, with no grammatical or spelling mistakes. You will not use word “the” too much and you will not write just any text just to fill the word count. I will personally read each and every one of the articles to make sure that they are understandable and readable.

I don’t need this fast, I want good quality. You also agree to send me your articles in batches of 5.

If you want me to consider your bid, start your bid with “I read your post”.

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