Editor / Rewriter Required

Editor / Rewriter Required
For Whom:
This project is for those who are interested in a long term commitment.

What Do you Need to have:
Extra ordinary editing skills and perfect English grammar. He must have a good sense of reading and modifing. The editor should be quick in doing his job. Commitment of time is required.

Why high quality? :
All the articles are to be posted to some top-notch magazines. This
means that you will be paid more than the usual ones for editing.

How many? :
Currently I may select upto 3 editors. Still, if I find someone worthy I’ll keep him to my list and very soon call for the job.

Non-Native writers:

THIS IS AN EDITING JOB. I NEED PERFECT GRAMMAR AND SENSE OF WRITING. I can smell from a thousand miles away that you are a native or not. Though its not that you are not welcome, you have to prove me that you really worth this job.

How Will I choose:

If you think its going to be that simple, I am afraid it is not. Siince I am going to put alot of money so you have to really prove me that you actually worth it. I hate spammers who just bid for the sake of it.

Quality is the prime word.
Best of luck

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