Translate English To Arabic

Translate English To Arabic
i want someone to translate articles from English to Arabic

he must know how to write in “fosha” فصحى

my first language is Arabic , so i would know if you know how to speak Arabic or not

if your first language is not Arabic dont speak with me , and please dont waste my time and yours because i also know how to use Google trnslate.

i have a blog and i need a trnslate to trnsalte some posts from english to arabic there will be over 5-6 posts a day – your bid must be on how much you want for 10 posts … every post is from 50-200 words

*your first language is aravic
*you must know how to use the computer and how to make copy paste…
*you must know how to write arabic …
*you must know how to read and understand english

if you want to get this jop you must first translate this as a test to see if you know arabic or not

Three years after the housing bust sent foreclosures rates soaring, the White House has gone back to the drawing board to try to keep another 8 million homeowners in their homes.

But a series of enhancements to the Obama administration’s year-old foreclosure relief plan announced Friday does little to attack the fundamental logjams that have plagued a program designed to modify loans to create more affordable payments.
send me the translation — you must write the translation in “fosha” فصحى

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