Traffic/ Registration Servic 2

Traffic/ Registration Servic 2
We offer a registration service and need following:

We will have several list of urls, each url will goto, register on all urls (with changing content (names, streets, birthdays) at fields, drop down and more), then wants to fetch urls from the activation mail account, activate them .

then login to that account using the login / password and add links to my profile to the signature and then proceed to next site.

you have to use a german proxy server at every registration and change the ip at the same site again.

we pay per registration. You bid for the first 10.000 registrations. Only registrations with german ips are possible.

IMPORTANT: There are ca. 100 different sites รก 100 registrations. For every registration at the same site you have to use another german IP.

There are changing sites and registrations. It is complete 10.000.
You must remove all cookies after registration at the same site.
You must use german ips for registration.

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