Need A 3-5 Page Paper Written

Need A 3-5 Page Paper Written
I prefer someone who has read the book and can get the paper done for me without the paper being plagiarized. Thank you

HIST 1301 paper due Wednesday by 11pm consisting of 3-5 pages.

I need the paper written over “Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation”.

No less than 3 pages no more than 5.

1inch Margins, Times New Roman 12pt, Double Space, No 1st or 2nd person/Conjuctions or Slang.

If you want to use a quote from the book insert the Pg# after the quote:
Insert the quote here.(Pg.##)

Ex:Did the author prove the main thesis? Was the book effective? What kinds of sources were used in writing the book? Is this a good work to use for this HIST 1301 course?
Main thesis(10pts)
Citation(5pts) –
Ellis, Joseph J. Founding Brothers; Revolutionary Generation. New York; Vintage Books, 2000.

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