Adult-themed Blogger Needed

Adult-themed Blogger Needed
Regular blogger needed for

Posting Requirements:
-5 blog posts per week with at least one image per post required, you will be given a stock photo account with credits from which to purchase photos. You will be required to crop/resize photo and insert it into your post. Frequency of posting will increase once a satisfactory working relationship has been established. was an abandoned sex-industry/sex-toy blog. We wish to find a reliable, entertaining blogger who can bring some personality to the table and revitalize it. Ideally you will be able to perform your own research and identify the right material to blog/post about. We wish to position as a sex-niche gadget blog (think or only focused on sex and the adult industry). The successful candidate will have a playful, entertaining demeanor that carries through in their writing.

Examples of acceptable content:
-Links to funny, strange, or unique sex-toys, sites, videos, and services along with short, entertaining commentary.
-Links to recent news articles detailing interesting or funny sex-related content, along with commentary.
-Occasional How-To posts, Interviews, and other article-based content (optional)
-See existing content on the site for more examples of subject matter deemed acceptable.
-No word count limits as long as the post ‘works’
-So long as it’s entertaining, on-topic, and hasn’t been covered on 100 other blogs already you’re pretty safe.

Starting pay is $5 per post, paid weekly via PayPal – which will increase to $10 per post after two months of satisfactory performance. Future increases and bonuses depend on site performance and additional staff hires.

When applying for this position, please include:
-5 sex toys you think would be worthy of a blog post, including a blog post title.
-5 general topics that you would post about, including a blog post title
-References, what work have you previously done that is currently live?

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