Custom Thunderbird Addon

Custom Thunderbird Addon
I need a custom addon written for Thunderbird, it must work in Thunderbird on Linux, it is to provide a way to have custom, editable headers which have default values when writing emails, different ones for each identity, with a user interface to configure it, delivered as a usual .xpi file.

The addon will:

* When you compose a new message, custom headers will automatically be populated in the headers area of the new message, with configured default values if any. In the same manner as the “normal” headers for To, Cc, Bcc, Reply-To etc do.

* As well as being added automatically, the user must be able to add extra copies of the header, in the same way as the user can add multiple “To” headers to an email.

* These custom headers if they were added automatically or manually can be edited, and removed, in the same manner as the normal headers.

* Each identity may have it’s own custom header configuration, both which custom headers will be put in place, and the default value if any for them.

* Each custom header will have an option for each identity to require the header, that is, if a message is sent from an identity without the header, it will prompt the user to enter the header, or to “skip the header this time”.

* Each custom header will have an option for each identity to add the header automatically, if the the optioin is not selected the header is not added automatically, but the user can select it, in the same manner as the user can select to add a “Reply-To” header normally.

* The addon will have a configuration interface to configure the addon, that is for each identity to specify the desired custom headers, the default values for them, and if the header is “required”.

* The addon must be able to install and uninstall cleanly through the usual “.xpi” installation process.

* The addon must work with Thunderbird on Linux

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