Seo Article Writing/posting

Seo Article Writing/posting
I’ll supply you with some articles and some sources of information, you write new articles and post them online with a link back to specified pages on a website.

You can write totally new articles or you can use the existing content to rewrite articles with similar information. I have about 10 articles that I’ve used already on topics related to Internet marketing for a specific country that you can use for information. Some of these articles are already pretty good and some aren’t so great. I’m already submitting to so please use other sources.

This is to be done over a 60 day period. I want an average of 5 links per day – 300 links in total.

Please tell me the following:
– Where the articles will be posted.
– What process you will use to write the articles. (Will you write new ones, rearrange the existing ones? How unique will the articles be?)
– Your experience using articles for SEO.
– Your experience with writing.

Note: I will not consider your proposal unless it is actually a proposal for this project. For the last project I posted I got almost nothing but form messages.

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