I need an inforgrapher who is:
– excellent in writing English
– excellent in graphics (Vector illustration – 3d – Photoshop – etc)
– excellent in research for data and information and writing bibliography
– can keep information secret for his own good
the project can go for 1-3 years on monthly fixed budget between 200-300$ (favorable). would consider more depend on what you offer
the person will be doing infographs for projects , products , ideas and theories. Monthly minimum of infographs produced is 4 (1 per week). (depend on infograph work size number may go lower)
This site has good examples of what I want:

InfoGraphic Designs: Overview, Examples and Best Practices

Other examples of work required:

Bids with no sample work will be ignored or reported as spam unless you are willing to send an example later on PM.
Place a bid for monthly budget not total.

Best regards to all 🙂

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