Copywriting For New Website

Copywriting For New Website

I am developing a simple website for a company delivering high-quality graphical services for companies and private customers. The client’s services include graphical manipulation of existing material, retouching of photograpies, upgrading of b&w photographs to color photographs and vice versa. They provide complete solutions of graphical illustration, design, artwork etc. for marketing materials, brochures, articles, etc.

For private clients they provide a range of different services regarding to private letterhead, calling cards, photo retouching, preparation of postcards etc.

They also design CD covers, book covers.

They can present graphics of high quality in a long range of styles, from medieval painting styles, through retro and abstract illustrations. Everything in extreme quality but to very competitive prices.

I need a couple of selling texts for the different sections of the website; texts that are to the point, interesting and catch the reader’s attention and interest instantly.

If you have good experience with preparing high-selling texts, let me hear from you. If you are chosen, we will discuss further about the details via chat. During your work I will be available via messenger so we can communicate online.

Finally, if you get the job well done, a continuing co-operation will be initiated as we have several clients in the pipeline. Furthermore, there will be continuing maintenance and expansion of existing sites as the needs arise.

To give a rough impression about the actual client’s services, please see the overview diagram in the attached file.

Anyone with experience in Search Engine Optimization will be especially appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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