Writing Project #1

Writing Project #1
Hello all,

I need some writing tasks done by tomorrow. you have the rest of the day and tomorrow. As long as you are delivering tasks with good rate. You are doing well. before going further please note that Timelines is very strict ( I’ll give more detailed timelines for bidders at the project clarification board).

Tasks needed:

1- 2000 words article “material needs to be researched”.

2- 5 article re-writes with average 400 words count.

For now the re-writes are to be done by tomorrow .. you have about 24 hours or more for that. for the article you have 48 hours for delivery. After the timeline, Even if you delivered the work it will be useless to me.

I’m looking for good work passing copyscape and free from grammer and spelling mistakes (USA english). Type the word understood in your bid so i can make sure that you’ve gone through the details. I’m just starting the project so my budget is limited a little so bid accordingly. I’d prefer to get work samples, rate per task needed for better estimation of the budget. There may be future regular work is everything goes well.

Thank you and happy bidding,

K. M.

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