Conservation Article

Conservation Article
Need article on sea dragon conservation (Phycodurus eques and Phyllopteryx taeniolatus). Will require some research on your part. I would prefer someone experienced or at least interested in the subject matter or related (biology, oceanography, diving, etc . . .) . Does not have to be SEO optimized (in fact, I would prefer it were not). 1500 – 2000 words. Must be original writing, I will be checking against other texts for plagiarism.

Article should contain 3 parts –
1. Introduction to what seadragons are (can be a short paragraph)
2. Body of article, the information about conservation and threats to sea dragons.
3. Brief summary of threats and conservation efforts, and what the individual can do to help.

Lots of links to information to work with here here:

This is a work-for-hire request, meaning once payment is made, I would own the copyright to the article.
Other sources:

Native english speaker only – or good enough to fool me. 🙂 Low quality articles will not be accepted and project canceled.

First draft needed within 24 hours of the project start, any changes within 24 hours of sending it back.

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