In Need Of A Review Site Built

In Need Of A Review Site Built
I am looking to put up a new site and i need a complete site dedicated to the review of a product or products, this is a single job to start and could be a lot more in near future….

What i need is a front page that describes a objective review of this product… Basically i need 4 things on the front page i need you to describe the product, give your thoughts of the product,Tell a story about the product,And a call to action.I need links written in that work and will takes my customers to the sales page (i will provide the link to be written in) depending on the length of the review will depend on how many links need to be written in but a max of 4 i would also like to have a automatic date in the upper corner that shows last update 3 days prior….This should be very easy for someone who does it all the time.I want this page to resemble this page www.earth4energy it does need to have the contact/privacy policy/disclaimer at the bottom also

The only other thing i need is a short paragraph in the bottom of the page and i will give you the content when i decide who is going to do the work…

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