Hardwood Floors Articles

Hardwood Floors Articles
Hi there!

I would like 15 articles on hardwood floors.

I would like the articles in the following categories:
Hardwood maintenance / tips (2 articles)
Overview of hardwood (1 article)
Installation of natural hardwood (1 article)
Installation of engineered hardwood (1 article)
Maple hardwood (1 article)
Oak hardwood (1 article)
Bamboo (1 article)
Red oak (1 article)
White oak (1 article)
Birch hardwood (1 article)
Beech hardwood (1 article)
Jatoba hardwood (1 article)
Cherry (1 article)
Overview of Brazilian hardwoods (1 article)
Tigerwood (hardwood, not the cheater 🙂 (1 article)

These articles need to pass Copyscape and be free from any copyright violations or restrictions. I will test the articles before final payment.

I would like at least 2 relevant pictures or diagrams in each article.

These must be written well with respect to grammar, spelling, and relevant content.

I would like this completed within 5 days.

Transaction Details – Please read:

I will provide full escrow. Upon completion of the articles and after your handover of articles to me, I will check that they have passed the copyscape plagiarism test. I will provide full payment if they have passed the test. I will deduct $5 from your payment for each article that does not pass, but, if none of them pass, then this deal is over. Sorry for the terms, but, based on my last dealings, I feel compelled to put this in.

I will provide up to a $50 bonus for the quality of the articles over the agreed upon winning bid. This is completely at my discretion.

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