Type Up A Document

Type Up A Document
Background Information
Many years ago I wrote and published a book
It has long since gone out of print and I no longer have the original text.
I just have a couple of copies of the original book.

I will post one of my copies of the book to you. By Mail.
I want you to then type the book up into a Word document.
Keeping the formatting as close as possible to the original.
The book is 94 pages, with approximately 33 lines per page and approximately 13 words per line.
Although many of the pages have got graphics on them ( you do not need to reproduce the graphics)
Therefore a total of approximately Max 40,000 words.
To a good typist this would represent no more than a few hours work.

I will pay by Escrow only when I received the completed word document
Soul that I know you have read this properly please use the word
“Typing” in your bid

Thank you

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