Mini Website – Products Page

Mini Website – Products Page
I need a product page that holds and sells my e-books. It’s basically a 2 page miniwebsite that lists all my e-books, tools and software that I own the resale rights to and I want to over them individually and also in packages… for example I will have 3 different levels, silver – they all sell for $17 each of you can by 10 for $99, Then Gold – they all sell for $47 Each or you can get 10 for $197.00 over 50% Off. Then the Premium ones, etc…

I have already bought the domain name which is:

I have about 500 – 600 e-books, Audios, Software Tools, etc… that need to put on the page and in a stylish design. I have already written the copy for the sales Letter. I “May” be adding a video which will be completed by me totally and just will need to be uploaded to the site.

I would like to make it SEO Friendly because I will be doing SEO on the site as well, at a later time, but program as SEO friendly as possible.

So basically it’s a miniwebsite that just shows the picture of the product and a link at the bottom that says learn more and opens up into a prewritten sales letter that I will provide all the text to.

Also a place to capture their e-mail by giving them a free e-book of their choice in eith the silver of gold category to receive any updates, promotions, or new e-books. As well a pop up when they exit offering them a one time offer, maybe they get 2 siver and 1 Gold e-book, etc…

And of course the method of payment, I will probably use Paypal and I already have an account with them, but also I may consider Clickbank, but they have a certain amount ( I think ) that maxes out at $300 or something like that… TBA

This is going to be a one time fee and it’s good for a year…I will proabably add e-books once a month or two and we need to come up with a fixed price of a few dollars to add e-books as I obtain them.

This site should look more like a store but a really cool one with a hip design…

If you have further questions please ask…I have everything on my end, just need a link to sell these things.

We will need a way to transfer a large quantities of files for the e-books, videos, audios, etc… to transfer to you to put on the site.

I also will need a custom designed e-book cover that I’m going to use to sell the entire package, all of the e-booksas the Ultimate E-book for Online Marketers…

If possible I would like to work something out on a monthly basis that I will need to add 20-30 e-books per month to the site…


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