We Need You 10 To 20 Hours/wk

We Need You 10 To 20 Hours/wk
I’m an internet marketer specializing in the real estate investment training niche, as well as others. I sell real estate training, e-books, video courses and more. I will expand to market in many different niches.

I need a professional web-person to help design, create, maintain, and update many new and current websites. This could become a permanent position.

The FIRST job will be to completely re-do this site:

The 2nd job will likely be to re-do this blog:

The person will be available at least 10 hours a week, but if the cost is reasonable, I hope to start you at 20+ hours a week or more.

This could grow into a 40 hour per week position over time.

You will be proficient at web design, as well as WordPress applications. You will be able to create and edit audio and video as well, and have the expertise to manage my server, and the scripts and sites on it.

The more computer languages and programming applications you have been trained in, the better your chances of being awarded the job.

A working knowledge of English is essential! You do NOT have to have perfect English, but you must be fluent so we can communicate. We will communicate either by e-mail, Skype, Google Wave, or all of the above.

You will work an honest 10-20 hours a week or more, and will provide daily reports with your accomplishments for the day.

I am seeking an experienced person or company, with some knowledge of internet marketing and a sales funnel/process. If you are familiar with Infusionsoft CRM, that is a HUGE plus, but not required.

I am seeking a creative, hard working person, who can follow directions, as well as make suggestions and help me with ideas too. I will draw on your experience with others to help me my designs as well.

I will consider both individuals AND organizations for the job.

Again, you will be guaranteed AT LEAST 10 hours a week, probably 20, with the potential to work 40 hour weeks as my business grows.

You will be paid by Paypal or a similar payment site, monthly or every two weeks.

Please quote me how much you expect PER HOUR, and when you can begin work…

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