New Web Page Seo Affiliates

New Web Page Seo Affiliates
Hello and thank you for your interest!

I would like to convert the following website w w w . p h o t o c o a c h u . c o m (no spaces of course) into a 1-2 page simple yet effective selling website. It will be selling only one packaged product. I would like to integrate the videos I have on the current site into it. I would like someone who is experienced in creating the kind of site I am looking for with the following:

-Strong SEO–> page 1 in google for 5-6 related keywords
-Integrate paypal button to pay for the 1 product
-A professional and clean design
-Effective at selling and marketing, knows tips and tricks to convert visitors into buyers..Correct English grammer and spelling a must
-I am interested in implementations and use of affiliates..I would like to hear further how you can implement it into my site and get affiliates to assist in selling my produc which wil be either at $99 or $129 price point

Please include the following when submitting your offer:

-Your experience in the past
-Examples of what you have done similarly
-What exactly you will do for this project, time, and cost
-What can I expect when the project is finished
-What kind of results do you estimate in both visitors, SEO, and conversion ratios
-Any other tips and tricks you think may help getting further buyers whether it include setting a newsletter or whatever, let me know

Again, thank you for your time. I hope to start this project very soon!

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