Mywebmaker 2009 Update

Mywebmaker 2009 Update
I am looking for a website builder who can update the content of my website. The instructions have been laid out and I hope that they are clear and concise. They will be in word perfect unless otherwise noted.

Once you have access to my website, the page will open top music. When that is done, you will then click on “ENTER” The name url and the codes will be provided when the job is accepted.


Please Relink This Page

This will take you to a page that we will call Schedule I. This is also the first part of our email. There, you will see a link to a page called “Reseller Resources”. This link is not working and needs to be re-linked. Relink this page.


Please change the current picture on the reseller handbook to the one I have provided and add the logo to the top centered.

Go to a page that will bring you to the Resellers Handbook. Click on it. The handbook will appear. Please go to the cover page and you will see a picture of a lady with a computer in her hand. We want to Change the picture, and add a copy of our Logo to the top center. The picture that will be used is attached and it is called “Reseller Handbook Picture”


Add a copy of the Stock Transfer Form and link it

On schedule II you will look to the right and you will see that I want to add another category to the existing one. This category is called “Stock Transfer Form” I will also attach a copy of the “Stock Transfer Form”


Add a copy of the Down Line Form and link it

On schedule II under the Stock Transfer form you will add an other category. This is called “Down Lines” The content that this will link to is attached and it is in excel form and called “Down Lines”


Add “Meeting Schedule For 2010

Please go to Home, Enter, and Investor Relations. There you will see a section called “Login” After you have logged in, you will see: “Enter Protected Area”
The system will ask you for a password. (It will be provided once you accept this job)

Once there, you will add a category called “Meeting Schedule For 2010” under meeting Schedule for 2009. Here you will add my email called “Meeting Schedule for 2009”


Create a section Called “2009 Archives”

While in the protected area, create a section called “2009 Archives”


Replace 1-1-2009 Letter

Please go to Home, Enter, and Investor Relations. There you will see a letter dated 1-1-2009. Please remove that letter and replace it with New Letter dated 1-2-2010 and put the old one under 2009 Archives.


Replace Dear Shareholder Letter

Please go back to the protected area and you will see a letter to shareholders. Please replace this letter with the letter we call “Update Letter”

Logo and Letter Head

Please note that our Letterhead needs work. Please prepare two versions. One will have an address (See schedule IV) and the other will not (See Schedule V).

The name of our company is:

59 Golden Avenue
Suite A3
Deer Park, New York 11729
Phone & Fax: 267-295-1029

Schedules –Graphic rendition

I have attached 5 schedules. The purpose of these schedules is to graphically show you what we would like most of our changes to look like.

I am looking forward to working with you to get this done as soon as possible.


William Lake

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