Online Poker Site

Online Poker Site
We are looking for a company to design a fully functional Poker website. We want to have 100% control of the site (not an affiliate of another site). The site should include unlimited tables, up to 10 players per table, unlimited tourneys with unlimited number of tables in the tourney. Players should be able to play as a guest or have an account that they sign into. There should be both pay and free play available on the site.

The program should include admin features including security features protecting customer information, features for players to add money and withdrawl money securely, features to detect and stop cheating, admin should be able to add to or subtract from account balances, freeze and close accounts. Admin features should also include the ability to set table features and limits.

There should be history features storing every move for lifetime. This information should be accesibly searched by player, game, table, tourney.

Players should be able to create private tables or private tourneys in which they can see which players have signed up or are currently playing in their table or tourney. They can add or delete players as they wish. The system should be able to charge a fee for setting up a private table or tourney.

There should be an affilate or referral program available. If other sites refer a new player to our site they can get a percentage of the profits from that customer. So there should be a tracking system in place to know who should receive these commissions. Furthermore these commissions should be automatically paid out the 1st of each month for the previous month.

We must have full rights to the program and be able to install it on more than one domain name.

A lot of our work is running games and tourneys for fundraising purposes. So due to our charitible work we are looking for a company that can offer a high quality product with a decent price.

If you are interested in this project please include previous poker site experience (links to samples), time frame, budget, and payment plan.

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