Word Press Article Site

Word Press Article Site
I want a wordpress site something like Ezinearticles
I want the admin section to have a auto setup for my adsence linking
Example if its a article on Grils it will use adsence linking code targeting grills
If its about Dogs the ad’s will be for dogs
I do not want to have to edit all these by hand.
Also if your not sure of what all scripts Ezine has go signup and look thru it as I want the same scripting etc.

Only other scripting I Want done is
Article collector Ill give you a list of 5 article sites
And it will have options on what catogories to grab from.
How many aday to grab and post under the same directories on my site
It will keep the writers bio and linking with his article so he still gets credit
IT will have to keep up with what it has gathered so it will not grab the same but once.
It will have options for writers to submit and all just like they do
On the submit page I want a captcha to slow down spammers.
It will have a email script so I can email everyone when I need to,
IT will have options to name the pages etc so I can custom name them for seo ranking
IT will have options for me to change layout of ads
Where they will be seen top,sides,bottom, and size of ads
IT will have options to use other things besides adsence like amazon etc.
and it will need all the plugins etc installed
Ill escrow half until you get a working copy on your server then ill release and escrow the balance until you get it working on my server

Only thing this prodject does not include is the header image ill have that made. the rest will be provided by you.

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