Pdf Widget

Pdf Widget
I’m willing to pay $130-$200 for this. It needs to be coded so it works on any type of site, .net, php, coldfusion, etc.

So maybe ajax or java script would work. I’m not sure what computer language works on all types of sites.

I need a widget made that will be able to compare all uploaded .pdf’s and find form field similarities and differences. It must have the ability to name/rename and map any new fields to an automatically created database table. The application must be able to dynamically create front-end forms and prompt end-users for further input as needed and break the input into milestones indicated with a progress bar. Much like unlocking songs on Guitar Hero (I love that game :P), once all the forms with the same info are able to be populated with data the remaining ones stay grayed-out and organized by form field differences until the appropriate amount of data has been input and submitted by the end-user. Some parts of the data will be encrypted and decrypted as needed, such as, social security numbers. There are two main roles, admin and end-user. Standard admin features are required along with the ability to upload .pdf files and extract the form field meta-data information and easily edit/rename and map the fields to their corresponding database information so they can be filled with the stored user’s data. There will also need to be included andy appropriate language-independent API’s for third party partners to easily import collected information into their existing systems.

The end-user will also upload files that will be appended to the output .pdf. Some of these uploaded files will include images of certifications that include expiration dates. The end user needs to have and option to enter an expiration date range to be alerted at intervals when these certifications are about to expire. With a default alert time at six months prior to expiration and another at three months prior to expiration.

It would be a code snippet that could be auto generated that they could easily copy and paste into their site’s code. Obviously it would need some basic security features and once logged-in display only their office/corporate .pdf’s and forms. A good example is iContact (iContact.com).

We would use a similar code snippet/widget on our own site to sign people up and/or log people into the application (in case their own site is down for some reason). Should be kinda simple especially if people use their email address as a user name.

That way no matter where they log-in through us directly or through a widget on their own site the application would be able to deliver the proper view to the client. Please correct me if I have missed something.

It would be able to just insert this snippet/widget into a terapad website and dress it up a little. The login widget would then securely log users into the application wherever we end up hosting it.

It’s essential it is very secure. The widget would be embedded in other people’s site. They would be able to view their own .pdf files/input forms (specific to their office needs) when they login.

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