Rewards Website Needed

Rewards Website Needed
I am looking to someone to create a rewards/incentive website where members are rewarded with items for completing surveys and offers. I need to get an idea on where to start by seeing how much it will cost to develop/maintain the site. I am looking for a unique and fun site, with the rewards section similar to The general idea is members will get a certain number of points for completing offers and surveys in which they turn in to get items/gifts/rewards .

Here are some details:

— this has to be unique, fun,inviting and well designed (good color use!)! Not just another template looking site! Something easy to understand, but pleasing to the eye, and not overwhelming.

–I need a way for users to keep track of their points (they can log in to see how many they have) and to redeem their points. I also need a way to make adjustments to those totals if need be.

— Pages on the site to include: Home, How It Works, Contact Us, Join Now, FAQ and Forum. The footer of the site would have Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Report Spam links.

— Home page needs to be flashy, catchy, fun,colors, unique, etc. in a sleek and sexy setting.

, I’m NOT looking for a plain, template looking site, but a creative and fun site that members would enjoy coming to and recommending to others.

Serious inquiries ONLY that are dedicated to making a worth-while site. If your design comes out well, I will consider keeping the designer on for Tech Support.

I would also like to be able to make some changes/updates on my own in case designer/tech is unavailable.

I’m not sure what skills are needed for this.

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