Craigslist Phone Verified Acct

Craigslist Phone Verified Acct
I want to develop a program that does the following:

I would post an ad on CL to give something away for free in a raffel, in order to “enter the raffel” they click a link.

That link takes them to another page that says “Hello, I work for CraigsList and in order to get into the raffel I have set up a special system. I need you to enter your phone number in the box below. Then you will get a call from craigslist with a special code that I would need you to enter on the following page. Once you have done that, you are officially entered in the drawing.

The script then emails me the phone number used and the verification code.

The programmer would need to know how CraigsList works in order to make this work.

I know it can be done because I saw someone do it but I forget the URL.

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