Enterprise Collaboration Site

Enterprise Collaboration Site

I need to have web based enterprise collaboration site: clone of bantamlive.com with a different design and with some Extra future. In terms of design, I want joincube.com It looks more like more Web 2.0, cool javascript functionality (such as drag and drop, sliding screens) Therefore, What I hope to have is that bantamlive structure and extra functionalities implemented with a design similar to joincube.com. (you can ask for extra info in detail before a bid). Here is the list of requirements that I need to have:

– All bantamlive functionality and web page structure with a design similar to joincube.com(of course not exact look with joincube..)
– polls
– social bookmarks
– instant message
– idea management
– crowd raitng and voting
– a backend system/CMS/admin section..whatever you call it. which provides an interface for owner to manage site and communities
– high performance, highly scalable, enterprise level

Technical requirements:
— highly scalable, high performance, n-tiered architecture(!)
— .Net 3.5, C#, Linq to Entities for Repository Layer (No T-SQL)
— SQL 2008 server
— Memcache for caching
— Jquery for all dynamic events and javascript requirements and ajax calls
— senior level developers only who has great experience on c#, .NET3.5, LinqToEntites, and caching logic(MemCached is used), Jquery..
– Full testing including Load/Stress, profiling etc. Before deployment, I need to be sure that site can handle heavy user scenario
– Help with uploading and setting up the site on host server

I expect this project to be done within a month, although might be little flexible

I need developer team to have their own development environment, so they can show me what they got during the process. Also, I need weekly plan/schedule, daily status update reports. I expect to see professional approach to project management.

I am open to any of your questions before bidding in case you need to ask.

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