Corporate Site Design

Corporate Site Design
we are going to build a corporate website in Chinese,to combine all businesses in our other sites in education,training, finance, SEM,etc, the details of requirements follows,

1.Clear and liberal first page
On this page, only different business titles like education, finance, SEM,About us,rss and rss feed.
2.the details of categories and information about above businesses in the second page when you click each business title. education business , there’re will be 3-4 second page about our emphasis on education and related training, and link to exchangelanguages, and

Finance :related different loans, will introduce each loan and procedures, and contact us.

SEM, emphasis on english website Marketing including seo, it will introduce seo,sem, tools,our team and contacts.

4. Designer or builder shall have the ability to read words in chinese so that he can understand all the information we will provide.

5.Pay attention to friendly SE,and seo page so that it will be quickly indexed by SE.

6.All the site will be uploaded second domain: at my server. is parking on other hosting,but second shall be loaded at our own data at my server.

7.easy admin end to operate our site.

Applicant shall send your first page designed as our required above besides the your portfolio, website,

Gloria International

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