Migration To Drupal 6

Migration To Drupal 6

Our project requires accurate working, especially regarding transfering text to drupal nodes.

1. Development of Themes

Each site needs a separate theme for the front page.

Check here to get an imagination:


(Note: add .de as TLD)

A separate template is may required for arabic languages. The differenc is only the order of columns (Note: this could also be solved thru $language page var).

For theming only front-end integration is required. All admin is made by Garland theme.

Both sites must be integrated in Drupal 6 and must looked same. Some adjusting of CSS is also required. See source for details.

2. Migration Drupal 6

The content has to be transfered to Drupal 6 enviroment in all languages. If you dont’t know foreign languages or you’ve problems with it pls don’t make a solicitation.

Each site contains approx. of 50 Pages.
Overall approx. 100 pages have to be transfered (i.e. copy – paste – save).

Multi-site and multi-lingual Drupal Installation will be provided by us. There are approx. 40 Modules preinstalled. Some fine-tuning is required by the developer.

3. Note

If You don’t know enough Drupal pls don’t make a solicitation. You have an expirienced support to ease Your work. Also you receive an enviroment development for working and testing. After completion the project is transfered to production.

4. Deadline of work

Two Weeks after hiring. Starting Mid to End of January 10.



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